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4 tips on converting your van into a campervan

Perhaps you're looking to purchase a van in the hope of converting it, or maybe you already have a van, and you want to make it more functional.

Whatever the reason, converting a camper van can be a really satisfying project if done correctly.

Here are some tips for you to help with your planning.

1. Consider a professional

We may be a little biased here... but we honestly recommend you consider having a team of professionals measure, build and fit your custom converted campervan.

If you're unsure about electricals, the plumping, let alone the fitting of the furniture, then save yourself from a huge regret.

2. Make a list.

Before you get too carried away... remember you are planning to put this equipment in a van.

Have a good think about what you want from the end product.

Do you want a camper for a week away in the countryside? Or maybe it's maybe it will be for a night away for the occasional fishing trip.

Always leave room for more luggage than you will think you need, and be sure to include space for cooking equipment.

3. Keep it legal.

If you've ignored the advice to use a professional, then please do the research. It is really easy to cross the line and potentially risk a huge fine.

If you want to keep it safe, you can always contact us for more information.

4. Keep your renovation 'light.'

We would assume that a huge increase in the weight of your vehicle would have crossed your mind already, but it is a crucial aspect to consider when loading your van full of wood and appliances.

Here at Shoreline Interiors, we're fortunate enough to be partnered with a handful of UK-based suppliers who specialise in lightweight plywood products in a wide choice of finishes. This allows us to custom cut and fit your dream campervan without worrying about adding too much weight to your van.

We could have written another 30 tips, but at least these four tips will give you a great foundation to your campervan journey.

If you want to find out more information about our campervan conversion service, email:

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