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4-top-tips on how to design your kitchen

As time moves on, our needs and wants in a kitchen change, so picking the most economical kitchen format will significantly benefit you for years to come.

1. The working triangle.

At Shoreline interiors, we like to follow a basic rule of thumb when building an economical design for our clients. This will typically include 'The Working Triangle'.

The working triangle is a free-flowing kitchen design that maximises all space within your kitchen. From collecting food to preparation - preparation to cooking - cooking to washing up.

2. Create a sociable environment

This won't apply to everyone as it will depend on the size and shape of your kitchen/dining area, but over the past 30 years, the kitchen has become a more prominent social space when hosting guests.

Creating a social space within your kitchen allows the host/s the ability to cook while still connecting with their guests.

Installing a kitchen island is a great way to achieve this goal. Kitchen islands give you endless options on how to stay connected with your guests. For example, you can create a dining space around it or even install a hob/oven so that you can face your guests whilst tending to their meal.

3. Include space for your luxuries

We all have our luxuries, whether it's making home-brewed coffee or creating the occasional cocktail... or two... or three. Whatever your luxury is, be sure to include it in your plans, as installing a coffee machine after your kitchen is built can be a bit of a headache.

4. Think bigger

There is nothing worse than inviting the whole family round for Christmas dinner to walk into your kitchen and realise you haven't the appliances to do so. Planning a kitchen design around the size of your family is all good and well until you're hosting up to three times as many people. So our advice is to think slightly bigger if the budget allows.

If you would like more tips on how to design your kitchen, speak to a Shoreline Interiors specialist today:

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