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4 steps on how to prepare for a kitchen renovation

We see a lot of customers in a world of pain when it comes to preparing for their kitchen renovation with us, but we know that this should be an exciting time for you, so we've put together these four tips to help you through.

Step 1: Declutter while packing.

Before your renovation begins, gut out each and every cupboard and draw (including the man draw), and start to throw things away that you don't need or use.

This will reduce the time it will take to unpack after the project is complete and it will give your new kitchen a much cleaner look.

Step 2: Keep essentials at reach

Just imagine... You've packed absolutely everything away, only to realise you still need utensils to cook with, and god knows where the kettle is...

Well, it's a good job we created these steps for you...

We've all been in this situation at one stage or another, but we advise keeping certain utensils and appliances to hand, especially the kettle... we might get thirsty on the job 👀.

Step 3: Arrange temporary storage.

It will take you no more than 10-minutes to realise that storing your kitchen essentials in your house just adds to the stress.

As we start to take apart your kitchen, we will need a clear entrance and exit to remove old units and bring in equipment, so we advise that if you're short of space, try and find some short-term storage for your kitchen items.

Step 4: Making a safe space.

Safety is important to us, so keeping your kitchen safe while the renovation is in progress is a must.

Most of our customers have children or pets, so it's worth being mindful of areas where they can access the site while we are working in there.

As we may make a great deal of noise, we would typically advise that kids and pets are out of your home until renovations are complete, but sometimes this isn't possible, so we will work with you the best we can.

If you want any more tips or if you have any questions, please email:

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