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Kitchen Island Ideas

We get a lot of requests for kitchen islands when planning and designing a customer's new kitchen, and if they have the space and the budget, we couldn't be happier to help.

Although picking a new kitchen island can be tricky, we've put together some examples for you to make the decision-making process a lot more straightforward.

1- All about that storage.

If you are a few cupboards short of space or want to start expanding your kitchen accessories, then going for a storage-led island will be a no-brainer.

To maximise the storage, we recommend not having any appliances or plumbing going to the island, as this will sacrifice a great deal of space.

2- The social space.

Throughout the last 10 to 15 years, kitchens have become as much of a social space as the living room. This allows the host to socialise with their guests while they cook or make drinks.

By adding seating around your kitchen island, you can completely transform your kitchens look, feel and functionality.

3- Isla Functionality

Mad about cooking? Then transform your island into an extension to your workstation. You can add various accessories to your island to help you with your kitchen needs, such as; A sink, oven, fridge, hob, and you can even make your island a personal wine cellar.

Whatever you wish to add to your island, work with your kitchen designers to ensure it's in the best location.

We hope our tips may have helped you along your journey to creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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