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4 bedroom cupboard designs to have in 2023

Picking cupboard door designs might not be at the top of your list when redesigning your bedroom, but a cupboard door can be a prominent feature in the bedroom.

We've put together 4 of the most popular choices as we head into 2023, so we hope the selection we have given below helps you with your bedroom renovation.

The contemporary look.

The contemporary look gives you a sleek and polished finish to your bedroom. As much as this is a very modern style of cupboard, it offers so much character to your bedroom while offering a clean and sophisticated look.

The classic look.

Commonly chosen for a traditional style of home, the classic look cupboard can be utilised in multiple ways.

Whether you have wooden beams drawn through the room or a light and contemporary finish, this style of cupboard door will fit comfortably in most bedroom designs.

Sloped by design.

Do you have sloping rooves in your home? Have you had to keep your bedroom layout the same because of it? With the right bedroom designers, you can expertly install a sloped cupboard fitting that can change your room's whole design.

It is incredibly difficult to utilise the corners of bedrooms with slopped rooves, but here at shoreline Interiors, we fit to measure all our bedroom fittings to help you create your perfect bedroom living space.

Sliding Doors.

Sliding doors are a fantastic way to save space. Not only that, but it can also offer a modern look to your bedroom design.

With its flush-like qualities, a sliding door can give a wall-like feature in your room, which can provide the effect that the room has very little clutter. Whether the cupboard is built into the wall or not, sliding doors have great functionality and give the owner a wider view of whats behind the door.

if you're interested in any of our fit-to-measure bedroom design services, please get in touch with us on

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