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Money Saving Tips In Your Kitchen

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

kitchen ideas
money saving tips in your kitchen

With prices rising and the cost of living becoming a tough pill to swallow, we thought we would research how to save those pennies with your kitchen appliances.

When designing our customer's new kitchens, we commonly get asked for advice on appliances. Some kitchen appliances are the most costly in your household, so fingers crossed these tips are helpful.


Fridges pull a great deal of energy due to them being on 24/7. This makes it quite difficult to reduce its cost, as you can't just turn it off when you're at work.

Depending on the age and brand of your fridge, most individuals like to keep their fridge on the highest setting (5), but if you simply reduce the setting (4) you would save a few pounds, and it wouldn't affect the longevity of your food. Maybe the beers will be a little warmer, but that's just a sacrifice you will need to make.


The kettle is probably the worst kitchen appliance for wasting electricity.

this is mostly due to over filling the kettle. kettles are designed to not turn off until the water is boiled, so the more water is in it, the longer it draws electricity.

If you take the mug you are using for your tea or coffee, fill it with water, then tip that into the kettle, then you will be boiling the perfect amount of water. It will also boil quicker and you will save up to 50% less power, saving up to £365 a year.


Microwaves are a sneaky little device when it comes to energy efficiency.

It isn't commonly known, but microwaves guzzle up quite a bit of electricity while on standby. The amount varies per microwave, but make sure you switch it off at the wall at night or when it's not in use.

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