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'4 trendy kitchen cabinet accessories'

We're excited about kitchen accessories as much as the next person, but building them into someone's new kitchen, really gets us pumped!

You can change the look and feel of your kitchen when extending the functionality of your kitchen cabinets. It can help with organisation and an over all 'clean' feel about the room.

Here are four cabinet accessories we love to install:

Draw partitions.

This may seem like such a simple product, but these are a 'must have'.

Yes, it will help you organise your cutlery, but it can orginse other kitchen items. It can help organise utensils, kitchen towels, crockery, the list goes on... So if you're sick of opening your kitchen draws to a chaotic mess, this accessory is for you.

Integrated Bins.

In most UK counties, recycling is now a top priority. We're all for it, but it does increase the number of bins you have in your home.

You would probably agree that the bin can be the most unpleasant kitchen accessory, so why not hide it completely?

Integrated bins have been around a long time, but it is still an accessory we love to recommend.

Corner Storage System.

In 90% of kitchens, there is an incredibly deep cabinet in the corner. Most people would store large kitchen top accessories here, but it can be annoying when what your looking for is right at the back.

A corner storage system contains shelves on a swing mechanism attached to the inside of the cupboard, making it easier to reach and organise your stored kitchen items.

Under Counter Wine Fridge.

You don't have to be a wine connoisseur to own a wine fridge, but you will make your friends jealous. Most wine fridges come with temperature control, so if you collect wine, you can adjust the fridge to match recommendations.

To find out more about our range of Blossom Avenue kitchen accessories, contact us on enquiries@shorelineinteriors

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