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'Should I renovate or refurbish my kitchen?'

When deciding whether to upgrade or refresh your kitchen, it all comes down to several factors. Of course, it's all about wants vs needs, but at the end of the day, making sure you make the right decision is important.

You can break it up into pros and cons, but we mustn't forget the logical fundamentals.

We have put together some great points below in the hope that they make the decision-making process easier for you.


'Can I afford a new kitchen?'

This should provoke a simple answer, but we always advise you to be realistic about the kitchen project.

More often than not, when we're working with a customer on a kitchen design, they want things to change, they may request more storage to be added, and costs can rise quickly.

So, when you set a budget, keep in mind that costs may change throughout the project.

Keeping with the times.

Every kitchen is different, but we tend to see kitchens that haven't been renovated or upgraded since the house was built. In some cases, this is a huge bonus, but in most cases, it does make the house feel tiered, and it will also reduce the value of the house itself.

So if you decide to refresh your kitchen with new cabinets or even a worktop, make sure that you're not going to have to start the project again in 3-5 years' time.


At the end of the day, whenever customers renovate a room in their house, they do it to fit in with their lifestyle. So having a kitchen that ticks all the boxes for them will ultimately make the customer happy.

When starting a kitchen design project with any of our customers, we do hit home with how functionality is just as important as cosmetics. A kitchen is used more for function than any other room in the house, so if you've been craving a dishwasher, an extended sink, or even more storage for some new appliances, then a complete refurbishment of your kitchen will be an obvious choice.

We hope these points have helped you make your decision clearer.

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